About A.N.B.O.D…

A.N.B.O.D stand’s for A New Breed Of Darkness and is a Manga that centers around main character Dusk and her two friends Luna and Nightshade. The story revolves around their school life and their daily adventures they get by torturing teachers and rivals Blade, Faolan and Ziggy.

A New Breed Of Darkness is a licensed company but we allow manga sites to host scans of our manga. (Such as newmangas.webs.com) Keep in mind that we regularly change artists based on our fans so A.N.B.O.D can also be considered a  Doujinshi, but this is only for art style, we no longer accept the use of other people’s characters in our company! (They work hard too!)

If you would like to join our Scanlation Group then use our contact info and we will gladly tell you the requirements! (We are called Pocky & Ramen Scans.)

Every volume of A.N.B.O.D is roughly 10 chapters, at the end of each chapter we usually include omakes (Extras) based on suggestions from you readers! If you would like to suggest a omake idea for the next chapter e-mail us and if you are picked you will get a special mention!


We are a licensed company that not only develops Manga but written novels of A.N.B.O.D too, we are currently under the development of making a visual novel, if we get enough funding to make it, we will provide the game for players to enjoy for free! We sell our products using distributors worldwide and also (When the Founders have enough money left) sell at Anime Conventions.

From everyone at A.N.B.O.D ❗ 


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