Main Characters.

 Auditioners make sure to read the written descriptions more than the visual, you don’t need to follow them 100% as you are artists with an imagination, but do try to follow them to an extent!

Dusk ref
Dusk Katesby 

A sixteen year old girl who is well-known by the teachers at Viridian High for being a slacker and causing trouble, hence the nickname ‘Devil Troublemaker’ given by the various teachers at the school. She is the first character to befriend Amelia on her first day as part of a bet. Her main rival is Blade Demondré and her best friend is Rose, both of whom she has known since childhood. She lives people who she calls ‘Aunt and uncle’ but she does not get along well with them, often leaving the house for a few days before returning home as she calls the atmosphere at home ‘like living in a cage where you’re trapped.’ She is the oldest girl in the group and has a pet meerkat. 

AUDITIONS: Dusk has tanned-light brown (Not dark skin) and jet black hair in two bunches on the side of her head tied with visible silvery-blue star hairbands. She has a few red streaks in her hair. She wears a small red bow at the back of her head and a small black choker around her neck. She has a bold blue t-shirt that ends above her navel. She wears a black hoodie that ends a little further above than the end of her t-shirt with half cut sleeves. (Like the image) Dusk wears black long fingerless gloves that end near her elbow. She has a red cuff at the end (Near the elbow) and another red band on the knuckles of her gloves. At the end of these gloves she has a pair of dangling cherries. She has plain fingernails. Her skirt has three layers, in the shape of a flower petal, the first layer is a dark shade of blue, on top of this is another layer of blue but slightly lighter than the previous, the top layer is the lightest shade of blue. You are meant to be able to see the mix of colors in her skirt. (They are not exactly like the ones in the image) She wears black leggings that end past her knee. Her boots are black with red shoelaces. At the top of her boots are dangling red cherries. She wears no high heels. She has dark brown/black eyes with a slightly yellowish tinge. She has a smallish figure but is roughly a two heads shorter than Rose. Do not draw her in the same pose as the one in the image. Think about her personality, she is cocky and sarcastic and loves getting into fights. (Maybe have her hands crossed over with a side smirk on her face or her hands on her hips?) She wears no make up apart from eyeliner but is sometimes seen with a slightly smudged face. (Fight marks.)

Rose refnightshade-crest Rose Panthera

A fifteen year old girl from a rich family. She looks very similar to her mother and has an older brother, Lionel and a younger half-sister Debbie. She does not mention her family much as she rarely talks to them. She met Dusk during an escape from the high cultured society at home and decided to mix in with the different classes at the public high school. She is the tallest girl out of the group and is Dusk’s partner in crime when it comes to causing trouble. In chapter six it is seen that Rose changes on who she has a crush on regularly. It is hinted that Ziggy has a crush on her. Rose can be described as ditzy but she always has her friends at heart. She uses her limousine to ride to school. She is the youngest out of the group and excels in the fine arts such as painting, a trait she rivals with Ziggy, and tea-drinking. She doesn’t do much to hide her status at school. To show her appreciation and friendship to Dusk for showing her a different view to life she dyed red streaks in her hair to match Dusk’s. She has a pet tiger called Fluffy who she keeps in a basement, Fluffy has been seen to be able to fit Amelia’s head in his mouth in chapter two. 

AUDITIONS: Slightly pale skin. Is the tallest but is also has a more larger, stocky body figure. Rose has a blonde, shaggy, bob-cut with a single red streak on her fringe. She wears a corset with a simple black top and orange skirt. (No grey stripes.) The tops of her corset tie around her neck. (Not above her cleavage.) She has red furry side bangs near her shoulder. She wears a necklace in the shape of a coin (or some precious stone if you prefer). She wears orange and black stripey arm warmers that are fingerless. She wears black nail polish and stripey tights. Her boots are plain black with black laces. She wears high heels. She wears make-up such as eyeliner and mascara.

Amelia reflazuli-crest

Amelia Lazuli

A fifteen year old girl, a few months older than Rose. She is the older twin sister of Andrew. She has had a troubled life and was a known runaway as a child. She lives with foster parents along with her younger twin. She has a habit of being straightforward which led her into trouble on her first day of school. She has a scruffy style and doesn’t mind it, she is the most tomboyish out of the group. She loves camping and prefers sports which are seen as more ‘tough’. She is the first person to talk to Sophia since she started Viridian High.

AUDITIONS: Very pale skin. Blue eyes. Is the shortest in the group with the smallest figure. She has messy, short, red hair. She has the shortest hair out of the girls. She wears a choker with a silver split loveheart. She wears a white shirt with a black waistcoat with her logo (Next to her image) on-top of the right breast-pocket. She wears simple long, white socks underneath a grey skirt that has a spiderweb pattern. She wears shorter boots than the rest of the girls. Please pose her from the image you have of her in your head when you read about her. Do not pose her as she is in the image (Girly, peace-sign, feminine body is a no-no.)



A month older than Rose, Sophia has a strained relationship towards the Panthera’s due to events before the series start. This backstory is not shown until the second volume. Sophia is in charge of the newspaper club at school and lives alone with her dad in a shabby apartment. Her uncle is an alcoholic and Sophia never talks about him or her family to anyone. Due to hiding this she is outcasted in school as being weird and creepy. Sophia has a hard time trusting anyone and hates it when people get what they want without earning their achievements or working towards their goal. She hates people who don’t take hard work or education seriously and dislikes Dusk, because of this she regularly talks to the fangirls.  She is poor and volunteers at the local orphanage. Her dream is to become a journalist. Due to her carrying a camera for the newspaper club everyone who is around her wears sunglasses. 

AUDITIONS: Doesn’t have as pale skin as Amelia but is still very fair skin. She has brunette hair that reaches just above the middle of her back, it is usually very messy. Her eyes are the same color. She wears a purple hoodie that has faded in color, and dark navy jeans. Her clothes have scuff marks on them. She wears worn out leather boots. She wears a cheaply homemade pin badge for the school’s newspaper club. She has a slight bruise on her wrist and neck. Please try to post her in a vulnerable position.

Blade refblade-crest Blade Demondré

A sixteen year old boy, a few months older than Dusk. Blade and Dusk are strong rivals and have known each other since childhood. They are known to make childish bets with each other and turn anything into a fight. Andrew teases that Blade has a crush on Dusk as a love/hate relationship but he denies this calling her ‘a stupid childish girl’ (Although every time he has done so he has blushed). Blade has a fangirl group that know very much about him and ask him out, but he always declines. He is the class president and uses this power to punish Dusk when he finds her ruining school property. Blade has a pet lizard that tends to bite him often. He is top of the class and is teased by Dusk for being to booksmart. Despite his knowledge Blade also hates school and is seen to prefer days when he doesn’t need to be in Viridian High. Blade has a close relationship with his parents and his room at home has been re-designed in a girly fashion by Dusk as a result of her being there more than her own home, when asked by Andrew why he hadn’t stopped her, Blade calmly replied as being too lazy. Dusk always comes by his house with baked goods as a result of a bet that he won when the two were children.  

AUDITIONS: Tanned skin, same as Dusk’s. Dusk is roughly a head shorter than Blade. Dark brown/black eyes. Black hair with blue edges. Look at this for visual ref:

UntitledHe wears a white shirt with a breast-pocket and that is slightly wrinkled. Underneath the shirt is blue, he rolls his sleeve cuffs over and doesn’t button his top shirt. Blade wears a bandage on his arm due to his misbehaving lizard. Blade wears black jeans and trainers. His shirt is never tucked in his jeans when out of class. He is meant to have a very handsome face.

 Ziggy refziggy-crest Ziggy Mancini

A fifteen year old boy who is friends with Blade and Andrew. He is seen helping Blade out with common tasks and is his right-hand man. Ziggy keeps to himself and seems shy at first. Ziggy transferred to Viridian the same day as Amelia. His parents owned the Mancini company but settled down when they found out about Ziggy’s troubles at his previous school. He is aware of the Panthera company and always reminds Rose about his family’s wealth. He has a crush on Rose but has never got the courage to confess to her. He is an only child and is talented with the violin. Unlike Rose, Ziggy shies to talk about his family’s wealth to anyone other than Rose at school. His dad is the dentist Amelia bit in chapter two.

AUDITIONS: Short brunette hair in a bob-cut. Fair skin. Green eyes. Wears stripey arm warmers (Green, black, white). A U-neck black t-shirt with a heart pattern that is bleeding and has a dagger through it. Black jeans. Expensive black shoes. A belt with a large buckle that shows wealth. Ziggy is seen with his jumper around his waist. He is the shortest boy so is therefore shorter than Amelia. His hair doesn’t cover his eye. When drawing please change the pose he is in. He has a ‘cute’ face that makes him look younger than he is.

Andy ref lazuli-crest Andrew Lazuli

A fifteen year old boy who is the younger brother of Amelia. Andrew is very happy living at home but was not aware that he was adopted until events before the series start. Despite this he has a close relationship with his sister. The twins have a pet dog which they pamper. Andrew is best described as goofy and his favourite pastime is to tease Dusk and Blades relationship. Unlike his sister he is more outgoing but less brave. Like his sister he has a deep fear of clowns.

AUDITIONS: Very pale skin. Blue eyes. He has messy, bushy, red hair. He wears a black choker around his neck with a half-heart charm. He wears a white shirt with a black waistcoat with his logo (Next to his image) on-top of the right breast-pocket. He wears black skinny jeans and trainers. He doesn’t button up his shirt sleeves. He has sharp, animal like teeth when he grins.


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