The Extras.

Auditioners make sure to read the written descriptions more than the visual, you don’t need to follow them 100% as you are artists with an imagination, but do try to follow them to an extent!


Lionel reflionel

Lionel Panthera

Rose’s older brother. He is currently studying to have a place in college and doesn’t attend Viridian High but instead a grammar school. During his first appearance he was mistaken to be a butler from the group. Lionel is a workaholic and stays locked up in his room. After the death of their father Lionel took it upon himself to be the head of the family. He is still studying for his university entrance exams.

AUDITIONS: Green eyes, fair skin, slim glasses. Seen wearing a sharp navy suit with black trousers for outside of the house with a red tie. Always has his shirt tucked in his trousers. At home he wears a white shirt with a blue cardigan but this is usually covered by a blue casual blazer. He is always seen wearing a silver watch. The navy suit jacket has cufflinks. He is always carrying a folder or tablet. Is a few years older than Rose so is tallest. His hair is always neat when he is out the house and only slightly messy when he is relaxing at home.

Debbie PantheraDebbie redrawn by NightshadePanthera

Rose and Lionel’s younger half-sister. Debbie is mostly stuck in a rich crèche but doesn’t mind as she knows her mother is busy. When she is at home she loves eating sugary snacks and playing with her yo-yo. She is closer to Lionel than she is to Rose. She is close friends with Blaze and together the two play pranks on each other. Her favourite food are bananas, she has a stuffed monkey toy that was Rose’s. 

AUDITIONS: Pinky skin, bright green eyes. Light blonde hair in big pig-tails. Wears a sailor suit with a pink skirt and bow. Has a picture of a pink or brown rabbit’s head on the side of her top. Has childish shows that are yellow underneath. Shoes have a big button to be attached. She can be seen holding onto a stuffed monkey toy that is bigger than her. She wears a bow in her hair.

Eclipse ANBODRed Hood

A mysterious man who is stalking the group. He is seen in each chapter and is shown to get closer to the girls in each chapter. His intention is unknown but during the New York chapter it is known to the readers (but not to the group) that he is the one who sent out the SOS message, making his motives not so sinister. At the end of chapter fifteen he is shown in Amelia’s drawings from when she was asleep which implies that Amelia is the only character to (unconsciously) notice him following the group. He is seen only to be dressed in ripped jeans and a red hoodie. His name is unknown.

AUDITIONS: Don’t show much of his face. Has two toned brunette hair (Lighter shade on top, then darker) with black tips near the end tips of his hair. (This may be covered with his red hoodie however for the websites picture!) Wears a red hood with slight oil stains and washed out, jeans that have a rip on the knee. Red Hood should have tanned skin but not very dark.

Fan girls.


Blade’s fangirls completely adore their Idol, Blade. They get together every Wednesday afternoon at the school’s science lab in their groups to talk about him, they envy Dusk as she can get so close to Blade. They are a usually harmless group but can get very dangerous, very fast.

AUDITIONS: Random bunch of teenaged girls trying to devote their love to Blade. Can draw them any which way you want!

StellaStella ANBOD

Stella is the cousin of Melody. She is the younger one of the two cousins. She can’t sing like the Oceania Sister’s.  She has a wide knowledge of stars so she’s good at astronomy. She can also read Tarot cards.

AUDITIONS: She wears a purple jacket with the zip down which shows a black t-shirt with stars on it. She wears jeans that have scuff marks and tears in them and sneakers. Her brunette hair reaches a little past her shoulders with a hair clip in the shape of a star and she has light brown eyes. She has a wide range of bruises on her. She is very skinny as she has anorexia.

Melody ref

 Melody Oceania.

She is the president of the singing club at Viridian High. She has two little twin sister’s called Aqua & Harmony. She has grey eyes and long blonde hair that is always loose. She wears a tank top and a mini skirt. She uses her gender to exploit boys and has a nasty personality to match! She refuses to believe anyone can sing better than her. Melody’s cousin is Stella. She has a tattoo on her left upper arm.

AUDITIONS: Please do change the colors if you wish. Purple is not her theme color. You get the chance to design her clothes. Ideally she has a muscular figure but is still feminine. She has a large chest size and wears high heels.

Oceania twins no bgAqua & Harmony Oceania.

Aqua & Harmony are Melody’s little twin sisters. Harmony is the older one. They like nothing more than being a menace. They were rivals before but now the little twins are best friends with Debbie. They do everything in synch. 

AUDITIONS: Should include matching hairstyles and clothing but each wear different colors. (Like the image) Change the hairstyle if you wish. They both have long chain necklaces of the ying-yang sign. The twins are first years in school. Please include a small beauty spot (or mole) on any part of one of the twins either on the face or body.

Dawn Catesby .Dawn ANBOD

A girl who is introduced in volume two of the manga. She is sixteen and is convinced she is in love with Blade and will do anything to get his affection. Dawn is the complete opposite of Dusk, she is kind on the outside and has a kind temper with a polite mouth, however she has a cold heart. Dawn has a younger brother called Blaze who is Debbie’s playmate. She also hates it when her hair is messy. Thus, she always carries a hairbrush with her in her bag. She also has a high fashion taste and believes she must accessorize as much as possible even when the show’s not about her! She also has a crush on Blade.

AUDITIONS: Her theme color is blue. She has straight hair that goes a little past her shoulders with blue streaks. She wears a beanie hat and furry boots. She wears a red scarf around her neck (But not the same design as the image)  and a pink waistcoat type jacket. She wears a white puffy blouse underneath. Her mini skirt is blue.


Dusk and the boys found out that Tom has a slight crush on Amelia. Tom is usually seen in the ocean surfing. He loves the water and once claimed that if he had one wish in the world, he would choose to breathe underwater. Tom also has a pet Shark called Bubbles. The necklace is wears is Bubbles first tooth.

Tom is a muscular teenaged boy who loves swimming. He has a mohawk in the shape of a shark, his hair is dyed grey-blue. He wears only a vest top or a Hawaiian shirt and shorts. He is usually seen with flip-flops. As written above he has a tooth necklace from Bubbles. His surfboard has bubbles near the edge. (You can design the surfboard if you wish!) His theme colors are army green and navy blue.

Blaze Catesby. 

Blaze is the younger brother of Dawn. He goes to the same school as Debbie and is good friends with her. Dawn ordered Blaze to stalk Dusk to make her crazy but her plan backfired when Blaze confessed to Dusk in front of Blade!

AUDITIONS: Blaze has long blonde hair and green eyes. He is always seen with a lollipop in his mouth. He wears a cream coloured hoodie and beige trousers with white trainers. Blaze is meant to look like a stereotypical English prince. He is Debbie’s age. (Around 5-7ish)


His face is not shown but based on his body Sophia’s uncle is overweight and un-cleanly shaven. He is an alcoholic and seems not to be aware or care for Sophia’s troubles. Not much is known about his life as Sophia refuses to talk about him.

AUDITIONS: An overweight middle-aged man with a beer-gut. Draw him so we only see the top of his head in an armchair and his stomach and legs with empty bottles around him.

Blade’s Parents. TEMP IMAGE MISSING.

Both have a close relationship with Blade and appear to be serious, however a running gag in the manga is that their main goal is to pair Dusk and Blade up so that they can have grandchildren. Blade appears embarrassed because of this and doesn’t introduce his friends to them. They are minor characters and are hardly ever seen in the manga.

AUDITIONS: A very happy stereotypical anime parents. Blade is adopted and he knows this. Blades mother has brunette wavy hair and his father has darker brown spiky hair. His mother wears a yellow dress with a pink cardigan and blue jean like leggings. His father wears a work shirt and jeans.

He is introduced to be the perverted headmaster of Viridian High. He has short dark brown hair and has very sharp teeth and an angular jawline. It has not been revealed if he actually is perverted or if this was just a nickname given to him by the students. It is revealed in chapter one that he is the new headmaster of the school, because of finding Amelia spray painting the wall (Not knowing it was Dusk and a ‘hoodie gang’) he spread rumours of Amelia being a lazy, disobedient student.

AUDITIONS: A balding headed middle-aged man that wears a suit and a goatee. He is seen in chapter one wearing a stripey black suit and red tie.

Belladonna Panthera: TEMP IMAGE MISSING
The rich mother of the Panthera siblings. Belladonna is the spitting image of Rose albeit having longer hair with no red streaks and being taller. Her husband died overseas on a business trip and she remarried having a child (Debbie) but this marriage was not meant to last as he was only interested in money, this second marriage turned into a divorce and Belladonna has not shown any interest in marrying again. During chapter twenty-nine in volume 3 she takes Debbie and stays in a hotel, leaving Lionel and Rose to fend for themselves. She disapproves of her eldest daughter Rose for mixing with the lower class and befriending Dusk and her gang so is not shown much in the manga, despite this Belladonna loves her children and doesn’t forbid Rose for mixing with them. An event she did which links with the death of Sophia’s mother is the reason for Sophia’s hatred of the family.

AUDITIONS: Looks like an older version of Rose in terms of face. Doesn’t wear tiger patterns, wears a different dress in every appearance, you will need to design a dress that stands out and does it’s job of looking elegant and expensive. She wears red lipstick. She is very skinny.


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