Contents Glossary.

Volume 1 – The Start Of An Amazing Adventure!

1.Chapter 1 – A New Goth On The Block!

Newbie Amelia get’s sucked into the mess that is Viridian High! But being new doesn’t mean that you can’t get into trouble easily! Can she get through her first day of high school alright? Amelia meets character Dusk! -But is she friend or foe? Characters Headmaster, Amelia & Dusk are introduced.

2.Chapter 2 – A Rose By Any Other Name…

Amelia & Dusk are now great friends, in return of getting her out of trouble Dusk now has to let her live at her place. She get’s a “shocking” surprise by Pikachu and Amelia soon finds out that when you’re at Dusk’s house, you’ll never get bored!

3.Chapter 3 – What’s Up Pussycat?

Amelia & Dusk arrive at Rose’s mansion, the crew soon find out that the Panthera family are very rich! …And that Guard tigers don’t like strangers.

4.Chapter 4 – Goth Goes Downtown!

Having been a little too close to nature Rose & Dusk drag Amelia downtown for clothes-shopping. A little mix-up with the hair-dye and Dusk cause the group to find out Amelia’s natural hair colour. – A trip to the dentists also proves that she hates shots…

5.Chapter 5 – Emo V.S Goth Showdown!

Kicks off with what happened last time, we introduce the boy’s to Amelia and find out Ziggy is also a newbie, Dusk & Blade always seem to fight and hate the word love, and Faolan is a casanova wannabe! -Dusk & Amelia’s friendship was all part of a bet, what will happen? Will they stay best friends? Or be enemy’s forever?

6.Chapter 6 – Blackheart♥: LoveStruck!

Rose has made Amelia & Dusk her private butlers…again. When opening her locker Dusk finds out about Rose secret love shrine dedicated to…who else but her very own mortal enemy – Blade! The boy’s, spying on the two girls, get the wrong impression and think Dusk is in love with Blade. Letter’s are passed in lessons and rumors start, Ziggy & Dusk join forces to get Rose to confess, does she really love Blade? -The twins discuss the matter of Blades Fangirls.

7.Chapter 7 – A School Challenge.

Trapped in school and it’s getting dark, what could be worse? – Getting locked in school on the last day of term with the boys! The boy’s confess to the girls that they got them into trouble which is why they were in detention, Amelia loses the keys to the school which means the whole gang is trapped…And the ghost Of Viridian High has awoken! – We find out about Dusk’s fear and the fact the boy’s have no talent when it comes to boobie-traps.

8.Chapter 8 – The Broken.

We find out more about the twins tragic past and how they became adopted around a campfire in Dusk’s back-garden.

9.Chapter 9 – A Dark Past For Dusk.

Dusk life is in danger as she’s not the only one with a hidden secret,but will she get a warning message to the other’s before it’s too late?- The rest of the gang has trouble realizing Dusk’s past, especially Blade, but realise they must do whatever they can to rescue Dusk and return her back home…alive.

10.Chapter 10 – Mission New York City!

The crew figure out Dusk is being held hostage in New York. But is she safe and who took her? – At the end of the chapter we see a mysterious dark figure at the top of the tower & that Dusk wasn’t the one who sent out the S.O.S Message…


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