Frequently Asked Questions.

Check the About A.N.B.O.D page to see if your question is already answered before leaving a new question!

Why does ANBOD have such childish art?

Because that’s how every artists started out! No-one is a Picasso when they first start drawing, we do this to support other artists out there and to show them that it’s not the style of art that shows how good a manga can be.

Why did ANBOD shut down for A few years?

We had funding problems. That and we also became aware that we were using characters that had many similarities to characters not in the public domain.

Wait if this is the official site, then why can I read the manga/written novel on other websites?

We don’t allow our written novels to be shown anywhere other than certain chapter extracts on websites that gained our permission and from buying the actual novel online/in-store. Our manga is currently available to read on our DeviantART page. The first chapter is also being hosted at newmangas for advertising the company.

Is the manga licensed?

During the re-vamp ANBOD returned with a new company head. We allow scans of the manga to be hosted anywhere with our permission. (But don’t tamper with any of the pages we send you.)

What is ANBOD?

A New Breed Of Darkness is a company that started out as a small manga but now we have been translated into English, turned into a written novel, and there are currently plans for a visual novel to be made! The founder and co-founders of the company have been wondering about creating an anime too.

Where can I buy merchandise of ANBOD?

Mostly Japan, as that’s where the manga started, but scans of the manga later appeared being translated, so during the re-vamp the new founder took control and let scanlators (Ours is RamenPocky) use scans of the manga to go online, you can buy copies of the manga and written novels at Anime conventions that our employees distribute at America and the UK. Dates and times change but we always make sure we have a sticky post when we sell at conventions. (So don’t be scammed in buying an unofficial copy!) The visual novel will also be sold as soon as we get round to publishing it.

So can I host scans at a Manga reading site?

Sure, but only with our permission, WE will send the files of the manga, email us if you think a manga hosting site would like to use our information or upload our scans and we will deal with the rest!

So wait, this manga wasn’t always in English?

Nope, in-fact, neither was this website! The entire ANBOD name was in Japanese, (The title was in Romaji but since the re-vamp!)

I am interested in working with you, what shall I do?

Email us or leave a comment! Let us know what company (if any) you work for and how you can help ANBOD and we will welcome you to our family!

Can you use my character?

We have a Special Mentions page at the end of each volume of the manga, this is mostly fans who sent us email or worked with us, we also hold a special feature for those special readers of this website, so comment regularly and help spread the word of ANBOD and you may get a special mention!

Hold up, I don’t come from a company, why let me be included in your visual novel?

We sometimes hold special Projects that let fans work with us to create more ANBOD products. We love that you are a fan of us and if you can help – heck we will let ya!


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