Distributing Overseas!

Well that’s the hope dear Readers!

We are currently in the process of getting the manga available to read overseas so you readers in America and the UK can support us by buying the manga! (Translated by our Translation partnership company Ramen Pocky!) We will be sending batches to America and the UK first (Just because that’s where most of the readers of this website are from according to our data) and then to other countries soon after, if this goes well and we get enough profit from this we can sell the manga overseas.


Manga Teaser & We Are On DeviantART!

As a surprise for our manga readers we are currently in the process of re-coloring the manga ❗anbodcolour

A New Breed Of Darkness is also being hosted HERE ❗ So please check it out and share it when you read it ❗

Check our sticky post about helping out at our Visual Novel, the faster we receive help the faster we can release the game

And for the finale, we are now on DeviantART ❗ (Click link for details) We will also be updating the PODCasts on our YouTube page within the next couple of months with more details on our progress ❗

ANBOD Visual Novel Staff Required! (Updated!)

A.N.B.O.D Visual Novel Project Details:

We want to make the gameplay short, if all goes well we will start aiming to make longer games!

Current Staff:

SKTA – Storyboard planner, Main-Writer, Concept Artist, Draft Coder, Sub Voice-Actor.
HD – Character Artist, Co-Writer, Main Voice Actor.
SR – Main Voice Actor, Beta-Tester.
NotEnoughMages – Cutscene Artist
Aaron Anderson – Musician.
Kato – Male Voice.
VerdeICe – FanGirl#2 Voice
Kristi78968 – FanGirl#1 Voice

Here’s the main story idea:

INTRO. Midna Panthera looks for Luna on the first day of school for an interview for the school newspaper but is i interrupted by Dusk and Nightshade. She meets the FanGirls and finds information on them. (Plot Development.Game start)
You guide Midna through the school collecting more information, cameos by Blade and Faolan explain a little bit about Midna’s past/relations CUTSCENE. Ziggy puts Dusk’s name to volunteer for the Newspaper club and the game ENDS with Midna finding this out and planning a scheme on Dusk.

Staff Needed:

– Background Artist.

Someone who can check the codes/improve the codes so the gameplay is easier.

TWO male voice actors.* (Ziggy Mancini, Blade Demondre and Tom Sharks.)

*No preferable accents are required, you just need to be able to speak English. Just make sure you have a clear microphone, a clear voice and a working e-mail address. Also we will be accepting amateurs so literally anyone can audition!**
So, this is where we are asking for your help!
If you want to take part in this project, please leave a portfolio in the replies!
(Please be aware that this is a strict PG rated Visual Novel)

**Check http://www.apphiayu.com/casting/recording.html for guidelines on recording auditions.

Check the information and lines for our characters on the Character Profiles page on this website ❗

We will be using Ren’Py engines to create the visual novel.

I hope to hear from some people soon~

You can also help us out by forwarding this message to your friends or posting this to your blog or journal! Remember, we are giving everybody a chance to help out regardless of talent or skills!

A New Breed Of Darkness Come-Back?

UPDATE: If enough people want A New Breed Of Darkness to continue then comment and A.N.B.O.D may reconsider!

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